An Improved Leg-wrap for Motorists and Travellers.


9934. Leclaire, R. B. Pathault-. May 29, A.D. 1903, [date applied for under Patents Act, A.D. 1901]. Rugs, travelling. A leg wrap for motorists and others consists of a piece of waterproof or other material R, to the inner side of which is attached a piece of cloth or fur M, by sewing along the lines A-C, B-D, and E-G. When worn by a man, the piece M is fastened to a stud H on the wrap, so as to provide separate passages for the legs, and the tabs a, b are fastened to buttons on the lower front edge of the wrap, so as to close it in around the tops of the boots. When worn by a woman, the stud H is left unfastened. To keep the feet warm, the tabs a, b are first fastened and then the feet are placed in the bag-like part thus formed. The wrap is fastened around the waist by a strap. Pockets for the hands are formed on the front of the wrap.




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