A New or Improved Construction of Collapsable Straw Board or like Box.


14,083. Twidale, G. F. June 22. Folding paper, cardboard, and like boxes.-A collapsable box made from strawboard or the like is shown in Fig. 1 partially set up and lying on the side b<1>. To the inside of the side b<1> is attached a strip of strawboard d, to which is hinged the flap which forms the base portion, scored across and shown by the parts e, f. To the sides a', a<2> are hinged small flaps c. To set up the box, the bottom part e is folded outside the flaps c, and the portion f is passed up inside the part b<2> and secured in position by turning over the clips g. The top of the box may be hinged and made collapsable in a similar manner. Modifications are described in which the flap f is provided with two side flaps f*, Fig. 4, and two sets of clips g, also, Fig. 5, in which the flap f is made longer than usual, and passed outside the box, and bent down inside as at f**, thus dispensing with the use of clips.




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